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Getting to Significance

Pastor Dan Rak explains how to achieve an eternally significant life, and how this is a 'life worth living.' (Download)

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Empowered Through Weakness

Pastor Jeff Jenkins explains how God empowers us through our inherent weakness (the basis of our relationship with God) and intentional weakness (making ourselves weak to make someone else strong). (Download)

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Empowerd Lives

Pastor Nate Post briefly describes the background to the church's new mission statement, "Empowering Eternally Significant Lives," and explains what this means for us. (Download)

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Investing in the Kingdom

When we trust God and invest what we have in his kingdom, he empowers us to live lives of eternal significance. (Download)

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Empowering Eternally Significant Lives

This is what Trinity Vineyard is all about. Being empowered by God to live lives that really count, that are impossibly great; and helping others do the same. (Download)

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