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Mar 24, 2013 Concluding Remarks

Pastor Dan Rak concludes the series on Romans.

Mar 17, 2013 Romans 13-14

Pastor Nate Post covers Romans 13-14 and describes how we are supposed to treat others.

Mar 10, 2013 Living It Out

Pastor Dan Rak talks about how a life built on the grace base is lived out.

Mar 03, 2013 The Living Sacrifice

Pastor Dan Rak explains why and how we should intentionally, continually offer ourselves as a living sacrifice

Feb 24, 2013 The Illustration of a Nation

Pastor Dan Rak uses Romans chapters 9-11 to explain the difference between grace by faith and the pursuit of righteousness.

Feb 17, 2013 Victory!

In one of the greatest chapters of the Bible, Romans 8, an amazing victory is proclaimed

Feb 10, 2013 Living with Javert

Pastor Dan Rak explains how grace makes it possible for us to love God's law.

Feb 03, 2013 Living the Good Life

Pastor Dan Rak explains how we are "free from sin, but not free to sin."

Jan 27, 2013 Amazing Grace!

Pastor Dan Rak speaks from the 5th chapter of Romans – grace makes real peace possible and enables us to reign in life. Amazing grace!

Jan 20, 2013 The Key to Everything

"Grace is indeed needed to turn a man into a saint, and he who doubts it does not know what a saint or a man is." (Blaise Pascal)

Jan 13, 2013 The Righteousness of God

Pastor Dan Rak continues the series on Romans by demonstrating the absoute necessity of grace in our lives.

Jan 06, 2013 Romans 1

Pastor Dan Rak starts a series "How to Really Live – a Study in Romans" The first chapter of Romans is covered in this message.