Sunday Service @ 10 AM


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  • The First Casualty
    Dan Rak describes the events concerning the first Christian martyr. What do they teach us? (Download)

  • Opposition to the Mission
    Dan Rak describes some opposition to God’s mission here on earth – opposition from within and opposition from the outside. (Download)

  • Impact!
    Nate Post speaks from the 3rd chapter of Acts where two of Jesus’ disciples have a divine encounter with a man who needs help. (Download)

  • The Mission Begins
    Nate Post speaks from the 2nd chapter of Acts. He talks about how we can reach out to others as part of an eternally significant life. (Download)

  • Mission Briefing
    Dan Rak begins a series on the book of Acts. Before ascending to the Father, Jesus briefs his disciples on the mission he is giving to them. (Download)

  • Jonah
    This morning features a dramatic presentation of the book of Jonah with commentary afterwards by Jennifer Kang. (Download)

  • Racism
    In view of recent events in Charlottesville, Dan Rak takes a look at racism. (Download)

  • Whose Words?
    Kathy Kastner shares the beauty of creation and the beauty of Jesus’ words in the Sermon on the Mount. (Download)

  • Participation in the Kingdom of God
    Pastor Samuel Quintana of La Vina speaks at a combined service with Trinity Vineyard about participating in the kingdom of God. The sermon is in Spanish and is translated into English. (Download)

  • Staying True
    Dan Rak talks about how the Scriptures help us to stay true to the faith. (Download)

  • Maturity
    Jim Natter takes a look at overcoming obstacles to spiritual maturity. So that we can grow up before we grow old. (Download)

  • A People of Prayer
    David Rak speaks about prayer, not as a separate ministry, but as a practice that undergirds everything else. (Download)