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Growth groups meet weekly for 10-12 weeks.  The size of a small group is 3 to 15 people. There is a fall semester, a spring semester, and a summer session, with breaks between each.  The growth groups are an opportunity to:

  • Grow in your faith;
  • Step out of your comfort zone into a safe environment with new people and new ideas;
  • Allow casual friendships to form without feeling a need to get too personal;
  • Develop friends who could then become more intimate friends outside of the group;
  • Receive prayer if you so desire.

Please contact Dan Rak for more information.

Growth groups starting in June, 2020, will be either online or in-person. The in-person groups will be limited to 10 people and include social distancing, face-masks, and other safety measures.

Online Prayer
5:30pm-6:30pm online via Zoom
Begins June 1.

Bible Study, led by Mindy Rak
7pm in the parsonage
Begins June 15.

1 & 2 Peter: Courage in Times of Trouble

GriefShare, led by Linda Price-Natter
7pm in the parsonage
Begins June 2.

There is healing in caring friends coming together in a constructive way.

Fellowship, Prayer, and Bible Study, led by Ed Rak
7pm online via Zoom
Begins June 9.

Everyone could use some fellowship, prayer and Bible study. We will start at John 17 and finish John. Sign up or call Ed at 708-562-3175 so you can get a Zoom link, (or you can email him).

Strengthening Your Soul, led by Dan Rak
7pm in the parsonage
Begins June 10.

A soul strengthened by the grace of God will enable you to more easily endure whatever life throws at you.

Peacemaking (a Vineyard Institute course)
7pm online via Zoom
Begins June 18.

This Introductory course on Peacemaking will discuss the building of reconciling communities. It will emphasize the restoration of harmony within our families, organizations and society. It will define peacemaking and the Biblical view for conflict resolution.

Every night
Compline group: Reading the Psalms to Each Other; various people do the readings.
Begins June 1. It may end when Illinois get to Phase 4.

Fill yourself with a healthy dose of the Psalms before retiring for the night.


This term of Growth Groups starts in June 2020.  If you still wish to join one that is in progress, please talk to the leader of that group.

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