Core Values

Kingdom of God
(the overarching and integrating theme)

Jesus came proclaiming the kingdom of God in both word and deed. So we also proclaim God’s reign, as demonstrated in the already and not yet. We see the kingdom of God revealed in the Scriptures. We seek to live it out in a supernaturally powerful manner that is culturally relevant (i.e. a present reality in every context).

Experiencing God
Believing that a relationship with God is much more than mere intellectual assent to a doctrinal position, we are looking to receive the Father’s love. Our response is heartfelt passion for His Son, Jesus Christ. This enables the Holy Spirit to transform our lives in significant and substantial ways. Worship is the primary love language of this relationship.

Authentic relationships are the primary expression of our love and compassion for each other. We seek to break down the barriers between people in order to make authentic relationships possible with every person.

Our mission in life is accomplished by pursuing and doing the Father’s will. Our proclamation of the gospel in word and deed is motivated by our compassion for people. Even as we are being transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, we seek to participate in the transformation of others by that same power of the Holy Spirit. This is accomplished by our bringing help and wholeness to people and making them into disciples, thereby destroying the works of the devil.