Sunday morning service

What’s The Service Like?

The Sunday morning service begins with praise and worship through mostly-contemporary worship songs, led by one of our worship teams. Anyone may pray, read a verse, or share a thought between songs, as the Lord leads.

We take communion every Sunday.  After the communion devotional, pews (from front to back) will be dismissed to receive communion.  The light colored liquid is grape juice and the darker is wine for those with a preference.  Communion is open to all believers.

Following communion, upcoming events will be announced.  After announcements children dismissed to their Kidzone classes.

The service continues with a sermon from one of our experienced pastors (or occasionally a special guest).

The formal part of the service ends with prayer ministry – an opportunity for individuals to receive prayer one-on-one with a member of our gifted prayer ministry team. The service usually concludes at around 11:20am.

Since corona virus arrived, the Sunday service has also been made available online. For more information about how corona virus has impacted the service, including how to request an online link, click here.

When and Where is it?

Our Sunday morning service begins at 10am.

You can find us at:
16 S 7th Ave.
St. Charles, IL

Please join us – you’ll be loved!

Nursery and kidzone

  • Childcare for nursery-age children (0-2 years) has resumed for in-person attendees.
  • Kidzone (Sunday School) is Children’s Church, Preschool to 5th Grade.

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