Current Sermon Series

The Gospel of Mark

Series Theme: Jesus and the Kingdom of God


The words and works of Jesus are on display in the Gospel of Mark. Jesus summarizes the message conveyed by His words and works (in Mark 1:15): “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.”


    1. June 20th – Early Spiritual Warfare
      Dan Rak covers Jesus’ early ministry through the lens of spiritual warfare.
    2. June 27th – We will cover Mark 4:1-34.


The Previous Sermon Series, From the Flood to the Parting of the Red Sea

In case you want to listen to the previous sermon series, “From the Flood to the Parting of the Red Sea”, this information will stay on this page for several weeks.

    1. April 11th – Noah Walked with God
      The key player in a very significant but controversial event, Noah found favor with God. Dan Rak takes a fresh look at the Great Flood.
    2. April 18th – Abraham, the Call
      Out of nowhere (it appears), Abraham receives a call from God. Dan Rak describes what he did about it.
    3. April 25th – Abraham, the Man of Faith
      Abraham demonstrates that he believes God and a covenant is established. Dan Rak talks about the faith of Abraham ans how it applies to us.
    4. May 2nd – Abraham and the Promise
      Abraham makes an attempt to fulfill God’s promise by making his own plan. Dan Rak discusses God’s real fulfillment of that promise.
    5. May 9th – The Journey of Joseph
      Using the Old Testament story of Joseph as a guide, Pastor Nate Post will cover lessons of faith, resilience, spiritual gifts, and forgiveness.
    6. May 16th – Abraham – the Sacrifice
      Dan Rak talks about the death and resurrection of a vision.
    7. May 23rd – Moses, the Man of God
      Dan Rak covers his origin and his first 40 years.
    8. May 30th – Moses, the Man of God, Part 2
      Dan Rak covers a major portion of the ministry of the Apostle Paul and how he participates in the mission of the early church.
    9. June 6th – Moses and the Deliverance of a Nation
      Moses led an event that the Old Testament refers to, again and again. Dan Rak will speak of its importance to that nation and also to us.
    10. June 13th – The AAA Plan
      Dick Packenham describes how the AAA plan works well in his spiritual life.