Current Sermon Series

The Cross

Series Theme: The Incredible Importance of Jesus’ Cross


We take a look at Jesus’ cross, it’s importance, it’s relevance to today and to our lives.

The cross is so important that it has become the universal symbol of Christianity. But it is a symbol of death. Doesn’t Jesus come to bring us abundant life? Stay tuned as this seeming paradox and other facets of the cross are explored in this very important sermon series.


  1. February 21st – Presenting the Cross
    With the goal to use Lent as in opportunity to focus on the cross, Pastor Nate Post describes what the cross represents and how to view your life through the lens of the cross.
  2. February 28th – The Pain of the Cross
    Continuing the series on the cross, Pastor Nate Post focuses on the pain that Jesus experienced on the cross and what it means that we were crucified with him.
  3. March 7th – Salvation of the Cross
    Christ brought salvation through the power of the cross. In this sermon Pastor Nate Post reveals how Jesus redefined our relationship with God through his work on the cross.
  4. March 14th – Revelation of the cross
    Continuing the series on the cross, Pastor Nate Post describes what God reveals about himself through the cross.
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The Previous Sermon Series, The Beginnings

In case you want to listen to the previous sermon series, “The Beginnings”, this information will stay on this page for several weeks.

  1. January 3rd – Creation of the Universe – Science vs the Bible Part 1
    Dan Rak covers the first chapter of Genesis.
  2. January 10th – The Nature of God, Introduction of the Trinity
    Dan Rak talks about the glorious nature of God, as revealed in the first three chapters of Genesis.
  3. January 17th – The Creation of Humans – Science vs the Bible, Part 2
    Dan Rak takes up another elephant in the room – how does the description in Genesis relate to the conclusions of modern science concerning the origin of human life.
  4. January 24th – The Human Project
    What is the human job description, as given in Genesis? Dan Rak discusses our purpose on this planet.
  5. January 31st – The Creation of Human Sexuality and Marriage
    Does the account in Genesis have any bearing on our present understanding of human sexuality and marriage? Dan Rak tackles this question.
  6. February 7th – The Fall of Man
    Dan Rak talks about how it happened and its effects on us.
  7. February 14th – The Redemption of the Human Race, Prophesied
    God had a plan for this and gives the first prophesy on how he will accomplish it. Dan Rak elaborates.