Current Sermon Series

Traveling with Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel

Series Theme: Jesus’ Journey as Portrayed in Matthew

Become more familiar with Jesus through the writing of a reformed tax collector who became an apostle.

    1. December 10th – John the Baptist Prepares the Way
      The greatest prophet appears after 400 years of prophetic silence. Dan Rak describes how he prepares the way for the long-awaited Messiah.
    2. December 17th – What to Expect in a Season of Expecting
      Luke Regan takes a look at Matthew 2 and why waiting for Emmanuel isn’t always what you expect.
    3. December 24th – The God Who is with Us
      Jesus has come! David Rak speaks on how we can live with Jesus in our lives.
    4. December 31st – Congregational Sharing
      Everyone gets an opportunity to share what God has been doing in their life. It’s always great to hear these testimonies!
    5. January 7th – The Messiah Begins His Ministry
      Dan Rak talks about Jesus’ baptism, his temptations, and the beginning of his Galilean ministry.
    6. January 14th – The Sermon on the Mount
      Dan Rak presents The most famous sermon in history!
    7. January 21st – Demonstrations of the Kingdom of God
      Dan Rak explains how Jesus not only taught on the kingdom of God, but also demonstrated it!
    8. January 28th – The Messiah Sends Out Missionaries
      Joseph Onesimus discusses how Jesus multiplies his ministry of Gospel proclamation.
    9. February 4th – Opposition Emerges
      Joseph Onesimus covers some trouble for Jesus, especially confrontations with the Pharisees.
    10. February 11th – Mysteries of the Kingdom of God Revealed
      Dan Rak considers Jesus’ parables.
    11. February 18th – The Identity of the Messiah Revealed
      Dan Rak talks about the time leading up to the greatest reveal in history.
    12. February 25th – The Suffering of the Messiah Revealed
      Dan Rak speaks on an unexpected characteristic of the mission of the Messiah – suffering!


The Previous Sermon Series, Amazing Grace

In case you want to listen to the previous sermon series, this information will stay on this page for several weeks. Other sermons are available at our sermon webpage.

    1. November 5th – Amazing Grace
      Joseph Onesimus starts the sermon series, “Amazing Grace”, by looking at the Grace of God through the lyrics of the Hymn and the life of John Newton.
    2. November 12th – Amazing Grace Saved a Wretch Like Me
      Joseph Onesimus continues to explore the lyrics of Amazing Grace as he tells us how sweet it is that God extended His grace to totally undeserving people, like me.
    3. November 19th – Amazing Grace Takes Us Through Many Dangers
      Joseph continues to explain about amazing grace, and how God takes us through many dangers, toils, and snares. There is nowhere the grace of God does not extend even to the worst of sinners.
    4. November 26th – I Want to Know Christ
      Joseph continues the sermon series ‘Amazing Grace’, by reminding us of that which is most important, knowing Jesus, the Christ at whatever cost.
    5. December 3rd – Never Give Up, Since God Loves Us So Completely
      In an advent message that concludes the sermon series ‘Amazing Grace’, Joseph uses the Scripture to teach us to never give up, since God loves us so completely.