Mission statement

Empowering Eternally Significant Lives

After months of effort, Trinity Vineyard combined its vision, mission, and purpose statements into four words – “Empowering Eternally Significant Lives.” Typically, the purpose of a church is to achieve its vision of the future by accomplishing its mission. We wanted to simplify all of this into a single phrase. This is not a church primarily for entertainment, or business contacts, or meeting people, or even feeling good; but rather for equipping you to live an important life, for a life full of meaning, full of good fruit, for greatness.

God has put into your heart a desire for greatness.  Why?  Because you have been created in His image. It all starts with connecting with God. It ends with living that out.

Of course, it’s God that really does the empowering that makes this possible. The church gets to participate in the process.

To live a life of eternal significance, you need to live an impossibly great life. But with God, all things are possible!  Trinity Vineyard – empowering eternally significant lives.